Electrical Design

Performance Power Services has produced numerous design change packages including:
  • complete replacement of the voltage regulator for a 550 MW main unit generator
  • nuclear plant process computer replacement
  • new 20kV, 700 MVA main generator breaker installation design
  • design for two new 13.8 kV switchgear buses and two new offsite startup transformers
  • replacement of the majority of fossil plant 4kV switchgear
  • installation of new 35 kV switchgear
  • installation of new 480 V switchgear
  • installation of new 480 V MCCs
  • design to replace 730 MVA main generator step up transformer
  • nuclear security system upgrades
We provide drawing maintenance services for the electrical drawings for various plants. We provide onsite staff to manage the work and also perform offsite work to complete the CAD updates for the drawing changes. 

34kV Swgr Installation